Dababy - Jump ft NBA YoungBoy mp3 download

Dababy – Jump ft NBA YoungBoy mp3 download

Dababy – Jump ft NBA YoungBoy mp3 download

This is Dababy – Jump ft NBA YoungBoy mp3 download link. Check out below and enjoy the amazing piece


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song lyrics

Okay, let’s go, nigga
(Rocco did it again)
Wait a minute, who are you? (ayy, yo, K.i.d.)

I make it jump like, like crack in the ’80s
Baby, these bitch ass niggas ain’t crazy
Broke ass, A.S.C.A.P go straight to my baby
(Hold on, Lil Top, talk to ’em, nigga)
And I’ll make my bitch talk to me when we fuckin’ (talk back)
Big rocks on my wrist, I bust it (bling)
Big Glock on my hip, I’m clutchin’ (let’s go)
Get lost on a bitch, ain’t nothin’

She say I look good, bitch, I been doin’ pushups
Play with Baby and Top, nigga, good luck
My lil’ daughter two, but got six figures put up
Knock his head off his neck ‘fore he look up
Ten toes in they chest for a check, bitch, I stood up (what that mean?)
I stood up on they neck for a check (uh-huh)
Now my head get ’em stressed, I’m a vet
I get 300K for a show, bitch, I’m blessed


Go to trippin’ and buckin’, them hoes get down
I spray it, I don’t go no handles (bah, baow)
We be pullin’ up back to back, play, we gon’ handle that
I’ma walk in with Three and Montana
Go to buckin’, won’t wait for to touch him
He start it, you know he gon’ get his shit canceled (cancel his ass)
Put that stick to your face, screamin’ out 4KTrey
From the north of Baton Rouge to Atlanta
Talk out his top, put them bands on him, bitch (the fuck?)
I be runnin’ my city, the police don’t like it
They know we be steppin’ on shit (steppin’ on shit)
Put that blick on your brother, you feelin’ some way
Make him hot, tell him dig up the bitch (dig up the bitch)
Shoot two hundred, bet one, how you livin’, lil’ nigga?
You know I be havin’ this shit (me too, lil’ nigga)
Paranoid every day, I be feelin’ some way
When you bring up the static and shit

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