Dababy - Off The RIP mp3 download

Dababy – Off The RIP mp3 download

Dababy – Off The RIP mp3 download

This is Dababy – Off The RIP mp3 download link. Check out below and enjoy the amazing piece


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Quotable lyrics

Straight off the rip, you know I don’t wait for the drop (Off the rip)
I go out to eat with my kids and my mama
You know I ain’t datin’ no thot (Okay, let’s go)
Believe what you see, nigga
I can’t name a rapper that’s out here and
Breathin’ that’s fuckin’ with me, nigga (Uh, uh)
I’m takin’ they hoes, Forces
Adidas pants and a tee, nigga (What the fuck?)
They like how? That don’t even match
Okay, hold on, take my phone, baby
Let’s go

I’m just a lil’ nigga from
Charlotte, the biggest new artist (The four)
They wanna see me up the road
But my lawyer a fool with dismissin’ the charges (Hah)
You know BDB ENT
We gon’ pull up Infinitis, Challengers, Chargers (Okay)
And no, we don’t gotta get money with you
Bitch, we gon’ get money regardless (Huh)
I’ma let you do all of the talkin’

Don’t get me started, you know I’ma stop it (Go ‘head and talk)
And I don’t got a cent for a ho
She bringin’ up money, I’m changin’ the topic (Huh, huh)
She need to be talkin’ ’bout suckin’ some dick
I nut in her mouth and she gargle (Ew, ew)
If she spit out that rich nigga shit without
Swallowin’, me and her havin’ some problems (Bitch)
We havin’ revolvers strictly for murder and
Plenty of pistols and choppers (Clack, clack)
Ayy, when you gon’ stop?
Whenever the fat lady sing, I don’t listen to opera (Ooh, ooh)

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