Dababy - XXL mp3 download

Dababy – XXL mp3 download

Dababy – XXL mp3 download

This is Dababy – XXL mp3 download link. Check out below and enjoy the beautifully cooked song


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Quotable lyrics

I got 20 on my beat

Everybody know my name ringin’ bells
Ringin’ bells like the hallway (uh-huh)
I ain’t gotta cap in no motherfuckin’ rap
I’ll whip out and air it out broad day (mmm)
I got in with that stick, and I’m with that
Break a nigga in half like a Kit-Kat (uh-huh)
I been tryna be positive, mama (uh-huh)
They ain’t fuckin’ wit’ Jonathan, mama (nope)

Who you know put they motherfuckin’ self on the map
And now they don’t owe nobody shit? (Me!)
I send one of my lil’ niggas, come take you off
You get laid on the floor by a jit (ha)
Got pulled over with 55K in my pocket (woo)
The police, they know I’m legit (woo, woo)
The police, they know I got sticks
They be worried about me, they know I’m a clique

These niggas, they know I’m a dawg
I ain’t worried about him, I know he a bitch (meow)
The next nigga that come play with me
I’ma send him to go ask 2Pac for a pic, bitch
They say I’m the hottest new nigga
Go check the thermometer, that nigga sick (hot)
Nigga must have a fever or somethin’
Heard he was born up in Cleveland or somethin’ (uh-huh)


Let me give you a history lesson
We moved back to Charlotte, 1999 (okay)
I ain’t sayin that none of that matter
‘Cause if somebody touch me, then somebody dyin’ (no cap)
Why he talkin’ so calm when he say that? (Huh?)
How he make ’em rewind and replay that? (Yeah)
Who you know get a fade once a week and they tryna get waves?
Fuck a motherfuckin’ wave-cap (uh-huh)

Every time that the DJ play “Suge”
Niggas throw up they arms like a motherfuckin’ racetrack (let’s go)
Every time that my baby girl see me
She run and say “daddy”, I love when she say that (mwah)
Every time I hit one of my moves
All the bitches go crazy, they like how I do that (let’s go)
I keep one in the head, if I don’t let off first
I’ma dive to the side when I shoot back

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