Fetty Wap - 1738 mp3 download

Fetty Wap – 1738 mp3 download

Fetty Wap – 1738 mp3 download

This is Fetty Wap – 1738 mp3 download link. Check out below and enjoy the amazing piece.


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Quotable lyrics

They know the ZooGang is on baby
I rep my gang every song baby
And for the Zoo I put on baby
17 we is strong baby

We might be living it wrong baby ayy

But it feels so good baby

To make it out the hood baby yeah

And they said that you couldn’t wow

just look at me now baby ayy

I pick my head up and smile baby ayy

My pockets put on some pounds baby, ayy
And I could go round for round baby, ayy
And they be loving my style baby
Oh they just love the Zoo sound, ayy

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