Fetty Wap - Zoo ft Tee Grizzley mp3 download

Fetty Wap – Zoo ft Tee Grizzley mp3 download

Fetty Wap – Zoo ft Tee Grizzley mp3 download

This is Fetty Wap – Zoo ft Tee Grizzley mp3 download link. Check out below and enjoy


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Song lyrics

Two Bentley trucks, one white, one black
Like Kevin Liles and Selim
(Mike Mixer is in the building)

Alexander McQueen, Canada goose, Amiri, the jeans
Cut the traction off on the Trackhawk
We ’bout to fuck up the streets
Two Bentley trucks, one white, one black
Like Kevin Liles and Selim (300)
You probably don’t wanna beef
‘Cause we ain’t got guns, we got machines
I might pull up in that Cullinan
Soon as I fuck a bitch, her and her friends discussing it
I’m in the trenches, thuggin’ it
Nigga, touch me and we sluggin’ it
In this bitch with ‘fetti bitches, know I got that ‘fetti
Walk in LIV, they shoot confetti
Took off the diamonds, had to beget it, ah

From a hood where you live or you die, nigga
Nigga be living a lie, nigga
Money, I get it a lot
I been counting this shit for a while, nigga
Been throwing up Ms on my niggas
On gang, I been no shy nigga
Countin’, I’m gon’ slime
I been draped in gold, ooh-oh
Run up, let it blow, ooh-oh
Ay, mobbin’ with my bros, ooh-oh
Ay, came off kicking doors, ooh-oh (gimme that, gimme that)
Yeah baby


My new chain 3D
Diamonds HD, ridin’ with the XD
Usually don’t bae but can you get your bitch back please?
She been asking me for money, almost got her feelings hurt
Bitch, why you think my feelings work?
Soon as I fuck, skrrt, skrrt, ay
I’m at Delilah’s, came in the Spyder
Just weighing my options
Damn near hit everything in the room
But I’mma be quiet
With they BM, they be lying
With the police they be honest
I’m so loyal I bet on alliance
Dem’ killers do what I say like Simon (bow)


Really came up in the trap
No cap, serving pack, uh
Nigga, you serving the stand
We don’t condone that, we don’t do rats
They ain’t for cooking the white
Lil’ bit of soda, making it stretch
My partner got jammed for Fentanyl
Can’t even say it all
Bitch, I said it all, uh
Pull up my car, I’m swerving, doing them dirty
Nigga, I pull up and serve ’em, skrrt
Bitch cooking on the stove, ooh-oh
We got problems, let me know, ooh-oh
Brody quick to let it blow, ooh-oh
Bitch with me, my gun is in her purse
Summer coming 2020 vert
Took a nigga bitch and made her squirt
I’m with Grizzley, please don’t end up on a shirt, ooh-oh

We not the heroes, bitch, we the villains
This ain’t a movie, the good ones ain’t winning
Why is you gassing him up to beef with me?
When he die, you gon’ be in your feelings
We don’t nee an oven, let the K cook ’em
Paint shit like a artist, no A Boogie
She gon’ suck dick for a Bape hoodie
If she ain’t going, I’m gone, I don’t take pussy
I roll with killers and robbers
Come take niggas shit like pirates
You heard ’bout a body and you got scared
We heard about bodies and we got inspired
Bro can’t give it a rest
He’s silent, I ain’t gotta give him a test
Even though he ain’t got no hope
He hope your head can fit in that vest, bitch

If the police ask, don’t let ’em know (ooh-oh)
Shooters with me, quick to let it blow (ooh-oh)
You keep cuffing that bitch, boy, let her go (ooh-oh)
Come through with that work and let it snow (ooh-oh)

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