Gucci Mane - Long Live Dolph mp3 download

Gucci Mane – Long Live Dolph mp3 download

Gucci Mane – Long Live Dolph mp3 download

This is Gucci Mane – Long Live Dolph mp3 download link. Check out below and enjoy the amazing piece.


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Quotable lyrics

R.I.P. to Flippa
Metro, Zay
Long live Dolph (Metro)

R.I.P. to Flippa (Flippa), a money-gettin’ nigga (My nigga)
Had to blaze one up for Dolph (For Dolph), don’t think they felt ya like I feel him (I feel him)
Same niggas wanna be ya be the ones that come to kill ya (Damn)
Now don’t that sound familiar? (Damn), your name, they gon’ remember (Yeah)
Can’t be quiet and go silent, life violent, we still outside
Hurt me inside, I can’t hide it, it’s hard to hide
Bein’ a trap rapper, it’s a miracle if you survive (Yeah)
Every day, I pray and thank the Lord that I’m still alive (The Lord)
When it comes to legends, Dolph forever in my top five (Dolph)
Real life street nigga, never had to tell lies (No)
Remember used to rap about weed, he didn’t sell pies
Freshest young nigga on the scene, had his own style (Fresh)
Don’t take your life for granted, could be gone in seconds (Pyoom)
R.I.P. to Dolph, long, long live the legend (Long)
From Memphis to the 6 (6), they felt you in the bricks (Bricks)
The day you died, it broke my heart, a day I won’t forget (Damn)
One thing you know, you’re missed (Missed), one thing you know, we pissed (Rrr)
It’s Paper Route forever, you know Wop gon’ represent (Wop)
You know Glock gon’ represent (Glock), lil’ Tre Tre gon’ represent (Tre Tre)
I done shed so many tears, I had to hit the mic and vent (Vent)

Miss you, homie
The whole world miss you
I lost a friend, I lost a homie
The world lost a friend
Lost a father
And a son

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