Lil Baby - Okay ft Lil Durk mp3 download

Lil Baby – Okay ft Lil Durk mp3 download

Lil Baby – Okay ft Lil Durk mp3 download

This is Lil Baby – Okay ft Lil Durk mp3 download link. Check out below and enjoy the amazing piece


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Quotable lyrics

Why the f- they put my business on the blogs?
Sisters know they never gotta get a job
Brodie said he rather spin sh- and rob
Damn dawg, he ain’t playin’ dawg
That’s your plan dawg?
That’s your man dawg? F- both of them, I want ’em all gone

Sh- been gettin shakey I’m staying where I’m safe at
Couple spots, I’on know where I stay at
Why would you play and you know we don’t play that?
Flippin’ words when you know I ain’t say that
I been good so I’m guessing it’s payback
Smoking woods in the back of the Maybach
I’m the hero so they gotta face that
Hit Dior, where the f- is my cape at?

I’m on a other one, bought another car then another
Bank account like I just won a settlement
Sippin’ Wock’, I’m addicted to medicine
Pockets on elephant, large
I get two pretty women to come kick it with me at the penthouse
We’ll have a ménage
I go in any n- city, bunch of killers with me, everybody got a rod

Swear I’ll nod off ‘fore I fall off, it’s that drink talk, oh, yeah
15 foreign cars and I pop off and I run ATL
When I get old I might have back problems these Cuban links big as hell
I done f- M’s up with these lawyers tryna get my n- out of jail

500 racks for a bond, do whatever for brodie
We came up from cars that was stolen
Before it drop I’ma be on top of this fashion
I’m staying in touch with the owners
You stabbed me right in my back when you could have just asked what happen
When you be disloyal
We sharing all of this sh-
From the money, to cars, to the h-, it don’t matter the order

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