Lil Durk - Viral Moment mp3 download

Lil Durk – Viral Moment mp3 download

Lil Durk – Viral Moment mp3 download

This is Lil Durk – Viral Moment mp3 download link. Check out below and enjoy the amazing piece


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Quotable lyrics

I pour an eight inside the Lamb’ truck, fell asleep flyin’
I thought them niggas had my back, but I’m steady seein’ signs
And I can’t turn my back on Boona like I ain’t see him tryin’
These tears shed, whenever he dead, it’s different seein’ him die
Bap, get close up on ’em, you know that shit be graphic
You gotta pop out with that ratchet, you know this shit get tragic
And you can’t fumble with that stick, you know this shit ain’t Madden
All that shit you did in the streets, you know that shit gon’ vanish
Yeah, I pop these pills, they try to read my thoughts
And you can’t dig back in your past ’cause you got time you lost
And make that time up for your kids ’cause you know time ain’t bought
Booka brought me a diamond cross, but he know he won’t cross me

They turnt their back and said they’d kill me, yeah, that’s when they lost me
I put baguettie inside the Cartier because I’m feelin’ bossy
They feel some type of way in the county jail, I told them, “Call me”
I built a relationship with the real, with niggas who never saw me
Yeah, I seen my chance and that’s when I grabbed it
Fuck bein’ a hunnid, I spent a couple hunnids on niggas’ tablets
Lean gave me chest pains, that’s when I popped the Perky tablet
I tried to get that family vibe for niggas who wasn’t established
You do that shit again, what you did to bro, gon’ get you a casket
I did shit for niggas without them askin’
I broke pounds for niggas without them matchin’
I don’t fuck with you, I’ma tell y’all now even though I got it

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