Lil Nas X – Dead Right Now mp3 download

Lil Nas X – Dead Right Now mp3 download

This is Lil Nas X – Dead Right Now mp3 download link. Check out below and enjoy


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Song lyrics

Breaker, breaker, 911
Somebody come get this bitch
Thinkin’ you a star on the rise, you got time to reply
Don’t lie, you can hit my shit
You can lend me five, lil’ nigga, on the side, lil’ nigga
Couple thou’, need to fix my whip
How you switch sides on a nigga who was down with you, nigga?
You a fraud, just a fib, my nig’, my nig’, uh

You know I never did you wrong
Even though I’m right here by the phone, dawg
You know you never used to call
Keep it that way now

I’ll treat you like you’re dead right now
I’m on your head right now
You wanna fuck with me so bad right now
Well, now you can’t right now, oh

2018, I was in my sister’s house the whole summer (yeah)
Songs wasn’t doing numbers (yeah)
Whole life was going under
Left school, then my dad and I had a face to face in Atlanta
He said, “It’s one in a million chance, son”
I told him, “Daddy, I am that one”, uh, uh
I ain’t never need ’em, huh
I ain’t never need no nigga, uh
I ain’t never need no feature
If I didn’t blow, I woulda died tryna be here
If it didn’t go, suicide, wouldn’t be here
Now they all come around like they been here
When you get this rich and famous everybody come up to you singin’

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