Nipsey Hussle - Crenshaw & Slauson mp3 download

Nipsey Hussle – Crenshaw & Slauson mp3 download

Nipsey Hussle – Crenshaw & Slauson mp3 download

This is Nipsey Hussle – Crenshaw & Slauson mp3 download link. Check out below and enjoy


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Quotable lyrics


Relate to ya
I can’t if you’s a fake nigga
Where level 4 in the state is what your mistakes get ya
Rap niggas they just wanna double date with you
Twitpic and show these hoes that they affiliate with you
Labels used to treatin rappers like a slave, nigga
Starvin artist “just be happy with your fame nigga”
Shit changed, now it’s such a different game
All the niggas like myself is controlling everything
If you, pay attention see exactly what I mean
Fucc the middleman, I said that in 2003
Was 18, White Lincoln, chrome feet
Black .40 was my pillow, everynight I go to sleep

Grown niggas treat me like they OG
Holdin on to every word that the tiny loc speaks
I had a vision nobody else could see
Sold my shit to D-Mac, a little less than 10 Gs
Brought my grocery bag of cash back to Blacc Sam
He matched a nigga, next day we went to Sam Ash
We bought a pro tools and a microphone
Studio was far from plush but the lights was on
Couple hunned thousand stashed at my momma’s home
Real estate in Atlanta but ain’t nobody know
Mac 11s in the safe, hidden in the floor


My bro did it like nobody that I’ve ever known
Screens on every wall with 16 camera angles
Double pane bullet proof glass pushin past the haters
Cuban links and rolexes ‘fo the check from Epic
This industry ain’t got like us but they gone respect it
Built the label up from money we was savin up
No details til the Statue of Limitations up
Couple niggas got flipped tryna play with us
The demonstrations speak loud so I ain’t sayin much
Was a charismatic nigga, I don’t play as much
Cos life is real when you live it in a place like us
School pictures crackin smiles, now my face is stuck
Shellshocked to see how much they really hated us
Couldn’t keep a kind heart, get yo hatred up
Streets smarts, nigga get yo information up
Watching Belly, smokin blunts, take Jamaican puffs
One day I’mma have a house and car like Jamaican cuz
Credits roll, back to stress pounds breakin up
Had to fight before we hustled and it made us tough
Early 90s neighbors rooster used to wake us up

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