The Weeknd - Escape From LA mp3 download

The Weeknd – Escape From LA mp3 download

The Weeknd – Escape From LA mp3 download

This is The Weeknd – Escape From LA mp3 download link. Check out below and enjoy the amazing piece


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Quotable lyrics

You pillow talk to me about the men who try to get in between us
They buy you bags and jewelry, yeah
They think your kindness is so weak
Know you don’t give it up so easy, baby
But you just wanted my attention
You just wanted my affection
You got me tattooed on your mind
You just want me all the time
We’ll figure out our shit and find a way (oh way)
When you say that you need space, I give you space (you space)
Girl, when you’re ready, you know where I stay
When it comes to all these hoes, I’ll never chase
But this world is such a, such an evil place
Man, these hoes will always find a way
‘Cause when I’m on the liquor, I go crazy
And for that pussy, you know I’m a slave, yeah

This place is never what it seems
Take me out, LA
Take me out of LA
This place will be the end of me
Take me out, LA
Take me out of LA, yeah

I’m in the Spyder Porsche cruisin’ down the street
Black on black venom colored seats
Keanu Reeves, way a nigga speed
Diamond cross hangin’ off of me
I’m fighting for my soul, Constantine
And it’s slowly burning, it was never cheap
If you see what I seen, you wouldn’t sleep
I can’t sleep
‘Cause I got everything I wanted
Got the money, got the cars, got the ceiling with the stars
Got everything I wanted
But I’d be nothing without you
Gave you everything you wanted
Gave you power, gave you life, gave you space so you can shine
Gave you everything you wanted (you wanted)
But none of that matters to you, oh-oh

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