Wiz khalifa - Still Wiz mp3 download

Wiz khalifa – Still Wiz mp3 download

Wiz khalifa – Still Wiz mp3 download

This is Wiz khalifa – Still Wiz mp3 download link. Check out below and enjoy the amazing piece


Song lyrics

Hahahaha, uh
(‘Mano, Sound)

I’m still Wiz (Still Wiz)
Niggas got me in that mood (In that mood)
How they hatin’ when they know that I’m that dude? (I’m that dude)
I hear they hatin’ ’cause they know I got the juice (Got the juice), uh-huh (Yeah)
They like ooh, they watchin’ how I move (How I move)
Motherfuckers, they be actin’ like we cool (Like we cool)
Fuck you thought this was? Nigga, I ain’t no fool (Uh-uh, hahaha, uh)

Gas in my joint, what you smokin’ don’t flatter me
My niggas got my back, ain’t no need for a battery
Blowin’ all these ones, look like we hit the lottery
My OG just hit me up, he told me that he proud of me
Always goin’ hard, a lot of people that count on me
Always in the studio and that’s increasin’ my salary

I remember I was young when they hated and doubted me
Now a nigga bossed up with my name on the property
And no, we don’t care what it cost
I start it, you hear the exhaust

Smokin’ kushy with my dawgs
The way she made it clap, she got it lookin’ like applause
I’m gettin’ all these plaques, ain’t got enough space on my wall
Diamonds drippin’ like a faucet

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