Young Thug - Bubbly ft Drake & Travis Scott mp3 download

Young Thug – Bubbly ft Drake & Travis Scott mp3 download

Young Thug – Bubbly ft Drake & Travis Scott mp3 download

This is Young Thug – Bubbly ft Drake & Travis Scott mp3 download link. Check out below and enjoy


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Quotable lyrics

My career ’bout to blast like bubbly
I’m not waitin’ for her to say she love me
I can tell she’ll fuck with me, man, trust me
I got a ten year old mink, still ain’t fuzzy
Three-twenty-five on the dashboard
Ridin’ in the Porsche, rockin’ Tom Ford
I ball at Barneys, new Christian Dior
I took the jet to the New York store
She lick while I’m drivin’, I’m stainin’ the floor
I took it off track, now I’m ridin’ in sport (yeah)
You stay in your feelings, you never my boy
I can’t come to the hood, I pull a decoy
Another body drop, and they screamin’ my name
I’m goin’ to L.A. On a private plane

Could never come back and my family straight (grrah)
I’m touchable? No, I’m too rich and too paid
Skeleton Cartier, black diamonds spade
Pull up too deep like a fuckin’ parade
Old jealous-ass niggas try and fuck up my pay (ha)
Blast off, Rolls-Royce Cullinan rain (broke niggas)
I put baguettes in my wrist and my neck and my ears and my motherfuckin’ chains (chains)
This drip out the trenches, I know you gon’ dig it, I come through this motherfucker plain (whoa)
I cut up my wrist, soakin’ wet (yeah)
And Coachella keep callin’, they wan’ see the fame
I took her to China and changed up her climate and now she ain’t talkin’ the same (whoa, yeah)

Five nights up, still poppin’ and ragin’
In the SVR, still livin’ deranged (yeah)
I want her, she wanted the same
And them both, same time, both glad that they came (it’s lit)

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