Young Thug - For Y'all ft Jacquees mp3 download

Young Thug – For Y’all ft Jacquees mp3 download

Young Thug – For Y’all ft Jacquees mp3 download

This is Young Thug – For Y’all ft Jacquees mp3 download link. Check out below and enjoy the amazing piece


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Quotable lyrics

Ahem, I said, you don’t wanna walk a mile in my jeans
Oh no, no
I get that green asparagus, bust it down with the team
And we go shopping all day
Whatever you want you cop it all day
Need like 40 more credentials for the ladies
All that hatred got ’em sittin’ outside for ages
’90s baby, feel like I been gettin’ it since the ’80s

Make sure everybody flossing, babe I’m saucy
My Hublot blue and I make air plays on Slauson
Aye, I’m makin’ big ol’ plays
Stackin’ that Frito-Lay, just for my baby

Having racks on racks on racks, I’m goin’ crazy
Flippin’ these packs, these packs, bust it down buy a whip, Miss Daisy
Bust it down good, then get a shake with Jay
Nintendo, we don’t play
I didn’t write this all, I just went right in
I dropped the ‘Vette off and came back racin’
She down with me, got gone face it
She sucked me to sleep, I can’t replace it
Creepin’, man stop, you’ll never get over me
You mean for steppin’ stones, just know you owe me
Everything Gwaluh, he ain’t get no leak
I fuck around slump your partner, on your lil ho street

Pussy never not wet, never got you upset
Patty cake when that check hit
For the fam it’s Russian roulettes
On the private jet countin’ bitches
Red light, I’m drinkin’ red

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