Young Thug - Just How It Is mp3 download

Young Thug – Just How It Is mp3 download

Young Thug – Just How It Is mp3 download

This is Young Thug – Just How It Is mp3 download link. Check out below and enjoy the amazing piece


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Quotable lyrics

Wheezy outta here

Ooh-woo, diamonds peek-a-boo
Ooh-woo, I done fucked the crew
Ooh-woo, I done did the robbin’
I done did the jackin’, now I’m full rappin’
I put on my brothers, I put on my bitch
Had to wear the dress, ’cause I had a stick
You know where the bag at? Tell me where it is
I came from rags to riches, I’m the shit
I can no longer disguise it, bitch, ’cause I’m rich
I got cars galore, lil’ bitch, ’cause I’m rich
I escaped every one of the licks, ’cause I was supposed to be rich
I don’t care nothin’ ’bout no cop, I’m tellin’ you just how it is

Put it in a Uber, send it to a shooter
Ask me how they do it, kickin’ shit, Ryu, Ken
Put it in a cab, send it to a Arab
Hit ’em with the MAC now, now his whole body scabbed
Cash on the delivery, aye
Goat talk of the century, oh
No time for gibberish, all the critics hearin’ this
All the bitches lipstick, and her pussy slippery
I can call a troop, go by the name of Duke, uh
Kidnap a kangaroo, I can send a moose, woo
Niggas stole a chain, but I ain’t worried, fool
I’ma keep on spinnin’ ’til they tell me who

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