Young Thug - Solid ft Gunna & Drake mp3 download

Young Thug – Solid ft Gunna & Drake mp3 download

Young Thug – Solid ft Gunna & Drake mp3 download

This is Young Thug – Solid ft Gunna & Drake mp3 download link. Check out below and enjoy the amazing piece


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Quotable lyrics

Chorus: Drake]
Ayy, slipe slid, tryna provide for me, for me (Woo), for me
Find me somewhere out in London, you know that’s the hideaway
I need some head and some moral support from you right away
Since I been makin’ donations, see you like you night away (You know how I do)
Stories you told me ’bout him, I can see that it’s night and day (You told me the truth)
Walkin’ from here to my bedroom, it feel like it’s miles away (It’s too many rooms)

[Post-Chorus: Gunna]
And I’m still high, thotty, I don’t feel nobody
On the wheels, I’m ridin’, all my friendships solid
I get big deposits, all my whips exotic

Verse 1: Drake]
Revin’ the engine, yeah
City dependent, I gotta finish it
I want opinions, yeah, she want a demon, yeah
She want a ring and some sort of arrangement, yeah
Something’s that’s dangerous
I wanna change it, I wanna claim it, yeah
I want it painted, yeah
She quick to say “No” ’cause she know she a diamond, yeah
She gettin’ quiet, she on a diet, she want a massage, yeah
Tryna get in to make it, bank account never diminishing, yeah
Niggas are changing they images, yeah
Niggas act hard but they inncoent
Hop in a tank and move militant, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

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